Feel us beside you every single moment…

Ever since our childhood, our Parents have taught us not to copy any bad habit, but we still do it. May be its human nature to try different things! One way of protecting us from many bad things is to keep us, the children, away from them.
Parents have the biggest and hardest responsibility of raising children; in fact it’s so tough sometimes, that parents simply give up! But it doesn’t mean that they don’t love us. The love of parents has no match in this whole world! Their love is so strong that they can even ruin their own life for the sake of ours. They cry and pray to Allaah SWT for our protection and success. But why is it that despite all the love and all the care and advices which they give us, we still aren’t strong enough in relationship with them.
One of the reasons may be is that what we are taught to do is different than what we see around us, especially in our homes! When it comes to parents every advice, every restriction becomes an exception.

I wrote the following few years back which is kind of rough and in bad English.


Is it our fault or our parents’ who always wanted to have the same car as Mr. Anyone across the street but who never wanted to pray 5 times as Mr. Someone next to our house! We, the kids, notice everything. We may look stupid enough to be ignored while watching a movie or a song or a favorite drama serial, but we are not! We understand everything. It’s just that we feel shy to speak about the movie otherwise we have learnt every single lyric!

We know that the lady next to our house speaks so much that our moms get fed up but still she manages to smile! But we dont understand that when our dads come home, our moms complain about that lady to whom they were smiling to just 10 minutes earlier! 

We know when our dads are all ready to take us to a zoo or national park but when his boss calls him, he says that his stomach is upset and he needs rest! But we don’t know where in the zoo he’ll going to have rest. And oh yes! There are toilets too in the zoo!
Back in home when we play with our brothers and sisters, our moms tell us to share the toys but as soon as they turns around, they grab the remote out of our poor dads and shouts: “whenever you are at home i miss all my shows because you are busy watching football match all day!” And poor dads mostly become silent but sometimes they manage to have the remote back again by saying: “don’t watch that show, kids are around!” So we are curious beings, when nobody is around we sit to watch that very show alone!
How strange it is that our moms say to us: “don’t tell a lie or hide anything from me because I know everything you do” and very truly they know everything we do! But why is it that they don’t know that WE TOO KNOW EVERYTHING WHAT THEY DO?!

Sometimes a couple come to our house and our moms introduce them to us by saying: “beta say salaam to uncle and aunty, they are very nice, c’mon.” But when they leave our house our moms say to our dads: “I don’t like their behavior, they seems like they are illiterate people” Wow, 30 minutes before they were nice and now they are illiterate! Hmmm our parents are nice too, and yes they are literate too, they have brains but they use it rarely! They know everything about us, when do we sleep, when is our eating time, when and why we cry, what do we like and what we dislike, but they still don’t know that WE KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM TOO!!!


It’s not that we don’t love you O Parents, we love you so much but we haven’t realized our love for you yet. We still come back to you when we are afraid hoping that you might protect us. We come back to you when we are sad and you hug us, calm us. We haven’t realized it yet that there is no love more worth loving than Parents’ and we hope that you’ll help us in realizing that. We hope that you’ll feel us beside you every single moment!




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