Maybe it’s time to change direction

Dr Yousuf Raza in SIST '13

Poem by Dr Yousuf Raza founder of Muslims United

Maybe it’s time to change direction…

maybe it’s time to re-direct our protests…

Sometimes it’s the Danish, sometimes its Uncle Sam…

at times its Guantanamo, at times its Paris…

Sometimes it’s a caricature; sometimes it’s a flame,

sometimes an unmanned plane..

at times its our Blessed Qur’an, sometimes the Prophet’s name..

It’s always something sacred; sometimes it’s a Muslim maiden’s shame..

Whining and wailing… “How could they do this? It’s inhumane!”

But can you blame a scorpion for stinging? Or a snake for biting?

Animals by definition are not humane!

So we keep pointing fingers never looking at the three pointing back,

For the Muslims never lost a battle except when they themselves were off-track

As mighty as they are, with their planes and their tanks,

we believe in the God mightier than all they got in their stack

So if we are being humiliated, raped, killed and stabbed in the back,

It’s only because HE is letting them do that!

So let’s look for a bit at the Muslims…

The Muslim husband who banned niqab on his trophy wife- his “beauty-queen”

The peer-pressure in a Muslim society that banned hijab for a struggling teen,

The billboards that promote nudity,

the parties devoid of sanctity..

The news channel, the pathetic news channels, broadcasting vanity!

we don’t respect women, women don’t respect themselves, with what face do we ask the kuffar to do that?

The homes, the streets, the markets, the banks, the schools, the national assemblies..

All “MUSLIM”; yet we refuse to submit..

Long before they took the torch to the Mushaf, its ashes had withered away in our hearts!

its teachings trampled beneath our feet, one after the other, long before the duds at Guantanamo took a shot..

before those little people lifted their little pencils to draw with their puny cursed hands,

the sunnah was already a joke in Muslim lands!

Damned are those hands like those of Abu Lahab,

But does the fiery rope dangle over our heads?

Their societies wrought with the struggle for more and more,

Money, power and fame!

Let’s look at ourselves though, don’t we run after the same?

In our struggles, our efforts, all our ideals, all aims

Our direction is their direction!

So it’s no wonder that when we have to play the blame game

It’s their direction we aim!

So maybe it is time to change direction,

Our Qibla we must regain!

All Muslims, all as one, all praying in one direction,

All Muslims, all as one, circumbulating around one center,

All Muslims, all as one, struggling for one Goal

All efforts, all struggles towards ONE Ideal we all aim,

All Muslims, all slaves, all as one, serving the One Master!

The beginning was with His Name, let it be so again!

The Sunnah of His best slave; the best ever to have come,

Willfully let the Sunnah trample you neath

And then see the heights you achieve!

The Qur’an burning the light of Iman in our hearts; Iman in that ONE

It’s the rope of Allah; one end in your hands and the other in the hands of Allah The ONLY ONE,

So once you all get a good grip celebrate! Because you’ve already won!

Most definitely my prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death is for Allah the Master of the Worlds.

And in His remembrance alone hearts find peace! 


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