A response to confused one

This article is a response to an article here

In the article the author raised the issue of Valentine’s Day. I have already posted a lot of information, its history, and rulings in Islam etc in detail here

The second thing in his article he asked some questions like is birthday halaal or haraam, because they weren’t celebrated 1400 years ago at the time of Prophet SAWW. Is music allowed or not? Is Cricket, cars, western dresses, computers, laptops, cell phones etc halaal or haraam?

I am a common person and not a scholar so I cannot say anything about halaal or haraam but if we think a little everything is clear and logical.

If the author, Salman Latif, is sincere in asking these questions and he really want to get things clear as he is confused then this article will help him Insha’Allaah.

First of all I would point out some confusion he is having. The author is mixing different types of actions. Valentine’s Day isn’t an innovation in deen and no one can call it an innovation. However by mentioning cars, computers, modern dresses, the author is assuming that using these things are innovations and that’s why they are not allowed. Most of the people have this confusion but the thing is that they are not at all innovations. So lets get them separated and first discuss issues like Valentine’s Day, Music, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc and this category have a lot more things which are unfortunately common in Muslim world.

If you have read the article above about Valentine’s Day you would have noticed that a Hadith is mentioned there which is the key element common in all these actions. The Hadith says: “Whoever imitates a people is one of them.” (narrated by Ahmad, 2/50; Abu Dawood, 4021). The hadith is very clear and comprehensive, and that’s the beauty of Islam that it covers vast topics in very few words Alhamdolillaah. What is Valentine’s Day? What is celebrating birthday, anniversaries etc? These festivals originated from non-believers and have no Islamic basis.  The point is simple, if we are to follow these celebrations then we are imitating them and hence according to the Hadith we are among them! The matter is very clear and very serious. The seriousness of this thing can be seen by the facts that we are not allowed to pray at the times of Zawaal (when the sun is at peak) or the time when the sun has just began to rise or set because these are the times specific for the non-believers to worship. Just think that the most important and regular worship which is Salah, is not allowed just to avoid imitation. Moreover the fasting of the Day of Ashoora (10th Muharram) was used to be the Jew thing at the time of Prophet SAWW and the Muslims too wanted to fast because this day has significance in Islam so Prophet SAWW said that we will fast for two days that is 9th and 10th Muharram to avoid imitation. And here we are following every tits and bits of non-believers!

Islam doesn’t disallow having fun, a person cannot be serious all the time. There are incidents in which Sahaba used to joke around, even Prophet SAWW used to do it but only the true jokes, no lies involved. There is an awesome incident: Aisha radiallaahu ‘anhaa said: That she accompanied the Prophet on a certain journey. At that time she was a mere girl and was neither fat nor bulky. The Prophet asked the people to move on, and they marched ahead. Then the Prophet said to me, ‘Come on, let us have a race’. Aisha says that she ran and remained much ahead of him. The Prophet kept quiet for some time. Later on when Aisha grew fat and loose bodied, she forgot the previous incident. Again she accompanied the Prophet on some journey. The Prophet again asked the people to march ahead, and they moved ahead. Then the Prophet again asked her to have a race with him. This time the prophet defeated her and she lagged behind. Now the prophet laughed and said, ‘This is in reply to our previous defeat’

[Ahmad, Safwat al Safwah Vol I p68]

See the nature of our Prophet SAWW. We can have all the fun we want but of course there are few exceptions in Islamic Law and imitation is one of them. I hope the matter is clear now because If I go deep, the post would get much long.

Now lets us come to innovations. According to my limited knowledge, innovation is something which people do to earn reward and pleasure of Allaah SWT but it has no basis in Islam. This short definition makes the matter clear as to what is biddah (innovation) and what is not. Driving cars, using laptops, watching TV and other modern stuff doesn’t come in innovations because they are not being used as primarily to earn reward and some of them still have basis from the Prophet’s time for example cars has replaced camels etc. Some of them are still not allowed due to their effects on minds and not because they are innovations. For example TV is showing all the immodest stuff 24/7 and what do you expect from your kids after watching a 2 hour dance show? Or a drama serial in which its not a taboo anymore to hug a non mehram and all they promote is that love before marriage is totally fine and there is not a big deal in it, zina is often shown and then the people involved are shown as innocent to gain public sympathy. What is this? Do you still want to watch TV?

Killing time is as waiting for death to come to you. The importance of time can be realized by Surah Asr that Allaah SWT take oath of time, and when Allaah takes oath then that thing is surely very important! A famous classical scholar say that each one of you is not but days, when each day passes, a part of you vanishes away! What is our purpose in life? Why we were created? Allaah says in Quran: “And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.[Surah Adh Dhariat 51:56]” The basic purpose has been defined beautifully in this ayah of Quran which covers every kind of worship. Worship doesn’t only means the five daily prayers, or fasting or hajj but a pleasant sweet look at your parents is also worship. Telling something good to others is also worship. Earning good to feed your family is also worship. Everything which we do according to Islamic Law, within the boundaries of Islam, according to Quran and Sunnah is worship. Where does watching TV falls in it? How can we justify watching cricket match for 5 hours? I’m not saying watching cricket is haraam or anything but a prudent person will never waste time on it but he’ll do something productive to benefit himself and his family in both this world and in hereafter. I don’t know Dr Israr Khalifa, the author mentioned him as saying that he said watching cricket is haraam. I don’t know him and I cant comment on him but also I’m not knowledgeable enough to say watching cricket is halaal or haraam. If the basic purpose of life is in our mind we can easily judge whats good for us and whats bad for us.

The main theme of that article was the valentine’s Day and to prove it right, the author dragged many such actions and events and tried to call them haraam which some of them were and some of them were not. I humbly request the author and everyone else to see the beauty of Islam and not the faults of Muslims because Muslims are human beings and can do mistakes but Islam is perfect came down to us from Allaah SWT through the most pious and truthful man on earth. See the teachings of Islam and not the actions of Muslims. The author called ‘few people waving the banners’ and tried to sympathized with them but I’m sorry those people did the most devilish thing a Muslim can do. They openly rejected verses of Quran and sayings of Prophet SAWW. They openly disrespect the teachings of Islam. When the matter is clear about immodesty then why making excuses and promoting it in public holding banners?

My brothers and sisters, the author is quite right when he says that everything should be discussed peacefully, and with wisdom and I completely agrees with him, but this is social media. There are different kinds of people on it with different patience level. So if a Muslim calls for someone’s death due to his/her wrong actions then he is right according to his mentality. But there are people, majority of them, who protested but calmly and with wisdom (but obviously there are some cases in which Islam allows death penalties). Why do we always have to portray a negative side of something? Just because some Muslims are ignorant does not means that Islam isn’t perfect and believe me this same image go across the west and they laugh at us and at our religion.

Study Islam and only then confusions like these will go away, otherwise we’ll all be fighting like this and kuffars will be laughing. They are already ahead of us, manufacturing our desires and earning money out of it. Let us rise above our tiny issues and study and start making our things, exporting to west, and earn money from them. If they can do it why can’t we?

May Allaah make us patient and united and may He help us learn Islam so that we can defend it in best possible way. May Allaah guide us. Aameen!


3 comments on “A response to confused one

  1. I respect your point of view, although I can’t say the same as to whether I find it sound enough. Your argument essentially cites the imitating the Kuffar in ‘anyway’ is haraam, and validated that claim through Quran and Hadith. Well enough. From where I see it, 99% of what we do today is imitating the kuffar. Using wordpress, Facebook or even the Internet is imitating Kuffar. Using technology created by Kuffar is imitating Kuffar. Wearing their dresses, eating their products available in our markets, even reading their news is haram.
    Frankly, I am least interested in religious discourse and what is halal and haram. My primary concern, which you seem to have entirely missed in my original post, was this: how to strike a balance between extremists who want to deem everything haram and force their view of religion on us – and those who want us to shun everything entirely and embrace the West in its entirety.
    That balance, I think, can be absolutely nothing else but this: absolute freedom of choice for the individuals in a society, without letting anyone harm anyone else. Want to have a beard? Please go ahead, no one should call you Jihadi or Mullah. But I wear pants and listen music, you too must not nag me with your fatwas of being called a Kafir.

    • Jazakum Allaahu Khair for comment brother, I was looking forward to it.
      Thanks for being open and respecting point of views.
      You missed the essential point about imitating kuffaars that’s why you are again confused. Using wordpress, Facebook, Cars, laptops, eating western food, etc isn’t imitating kuffaars. The point was, and I expected that people will understand it but I think they didn’t, my bad, the point is that an act is considered as imitation if that act has a significance in non-muslims’ religion or their culture. If the act isn’t significant like they eat food, we eat food so shall we stop eating food because we are imitating them? No, only those acts which if we do and if a third party sees us doing then they think that this person isn’t Muslim because he/she is following something related to Jews/Christians/any other religion. Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Mother Day, Father day or any other day is part of their culture. Similarly as I gave examples of Salah and Fasting that we are not allowed to do in certain times because they do it in those certain times and it has significance in their religion. I hope the point is clear.
      Secondly brother I sincerely advise you to make decisions on the basis of religion only because that is the most perfect and certain thing. To prove the perfection and authenticity of religion I challenge all the world’s intellectuals or anyone to find out the purpose of life, but Islam gives us a purpose in single word and that is worship. So find out what is halaal and what is haraam. We are allowed to do anything except very few list of things which are not allowed, and cant we stay away from them for the One’s sake Who gave us life and everything?
      Thirdly, Thanks for making your point more clear and I admit I missed it completely. Striking a balance is something taught by Islam. Islam has nothing to do with ignorant people who declare every single person a kaafir or announce death penalties on small issues. And Islam has nothing to do about those apologetic Muslims who try to merge Islamic teachings in ‘modernism’ and distort the essence of Islam and certainly those who want complete freedom from every single limitations. Islam is a middle path in both extremes and I think that’s what you are looking for.
      Lastly, the solution you proposed is not applicable because its already applied. Its Allaah’s way that He has given absolute freedom to each and every individual and also provided a guidance. Absolute freedom is given by Allaah but this freedom is dangerous and has no limits. Human beings can do whatever they want and create chaos and destruction everywhere through there own laws and policies, (the world’s situation is infront of us). So to deploy justice in the world and to secure every human being, Allaah provided guidance in the form of religion. Allaah forbad those things which were harmful for us, individually as well as for society as a whole. We still have absolute freedom and that’s why we will be punished if we don’t follow those guidelines and we will be rewarded if we followed those guidelines and try establishing justice. Now as far as the matter of interference in anyone’s personal matters is concern then Muslims are ordered to spread Islam and to guide the misguided. But at the same time we cannot force anyone to do certain act or not to do certain act. Person A can listen to music or wear jeans and person B can have a beard and not listen to music. But at the same time if people with their corrupt beliefs start doing things which are forbidden in Islam and they start promoting them in Islamic state( Pakistan is an Islamic state) then Muslims will never stay quite or sit calmly. You wanna listen to music then do so but in your houses, don’t promote it, don’t promote be hyai, don’t promote alchohol or gf bf relationships, don’t promote vulgarity through media. You want to do haraam things, go do it in your homes but not openly. If you do it openly, we will not kill you and will not label you as kaafirs but we also will not sit back and say nothing. Those who get angry and label everything as kaafirs are ignorant and must be ignored but those who are practicing, must be recognized. And by Allaah, Allaah is with those who are practicing and who follow deen completely. The liberals and secularists will be exposed and destroyed intellectually Insha’Allaah. (This isn’t directed to you brother Salman but for people who say complete freedom should be given.) This is Pakistan an Islamic Republic, go do your thing somewhere else, not here.
      Assalaam U Alaykum (peace)

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