~~ “Everyone around me is getting married. When is my turn?” ~~


Dear sisters!
Who didn’t get married yet and afraid of what people may say about her.
Don’t worry…
Marriage is Rizq from Allah and He will surely grant it to when He wills it and not when you want it.
Not having a husband is not a defect. The real defect is that a woman doesn’t preserve her purity and chastity.

Be patient and be sure that Allah will reward you greatly for your patience at the end this Dunya is not about men or getting married but about submitting your will peacefully to Allaah and accept what ever He decrees for you.

But every woman should understand that the purpose of life is to be a true slave of Allaah in both the specific and general senses. If she has the opportunity to establish a Muslim household, then the women will be worshiping Allaah by getting married and raising children, and raising for us the generation that we want. But if that does not happen, then the ways of worshiping Allaah in general are many, foremost among which is calling people to Allaah. So she should focus on women who have deviated from the path of Allaah and take them as her daughters and guide them to the straight path of Allaah.

“The one who calls people to guidance will have a reward equal to theirs, without it detracting from their reward in the slightest.”

So regard the Muslim community as your home, and be like a beacon of guidance, truth, justice and knowledge, and let us advise one another to adhere to truth and patience.

“Surely, Allaah wastes not the reward of the Muhsinoon [those who do good]” [al-Tawbah 9:120].

Ibn ‘Uthaymin: If the woman does not marry in this life, Allah will marry her off in paradise to the one she finds delight in. (Arkan-ul-Islam, p. 116)

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One comment on “~~ “Everyone around me is getting married. When is my turn?” ~~

  1. Good
    Shaadi is not the solution to all the problems , first we should understand this.
    Secondly : We all should try to create a good self image psychology. We need to understand and convince ourselves that if we are happy, even not married , then let the world say what they say.
    Because dunya is never going to leave you happy.
    If you get married, they would start saying,
    Shadi hogai, two years to marriage, still no offspring?? haawww :O
    Then if even you become a mother, they would say,
    Bas betian he hain? beta koi nai? Aawww :O
    Then even if you become a mother of a baby boy, they would say,
    They are not as cute as the rest of the babies in family. Tchtch.

    The hell!!!
    Meaning that, there are always always people whose work is nothing else other than throwing people into the hole of inferiority complex.
    So just try to live in your own territory like Nawab zadi! 🙂
    Don’t listen to these hurting words, don’t put ears on.
    I used to say sometimes that you are given two ears so as to throw out the rubbish stuff from the other ear if it enters from one.
    Be happy! Be thankful!
    If someone is written for you, he will be there soon holding your hand.
    Just chill! 🙂
    And thirdly:
    There are certain issues that may not not be discussed so openly, if men feels the need of marriage, women are human too.
    So the women out there , who want to control theie desires, and yet unmarried., try to recite the 10th ayah of Surah al-Kahaf as one of your zikar.
    And of course Quran as a whole.
    There is no better remedy other than this.

    May ALLAH give you and us all a modest life always.

    * sorry for the long long commentary 🙂
    Admin: Banatehawwa

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