Why don’t we pay heed?

Assalamu Alaikum warehmatullah!

I went to a funeral of very close relative of mine and I saw some realy weird bida’t and I was like “uhh what this rubbish is”.
Like you have to do teeja/Soem on the 3rd day of the death. In teeja you force people to read Quran. Do you really think it is going to benefit the dead because the person you are forcing to read Quran agrees to read Quran as you force them but then what? They just don’t even pay attention to the words and tajweed, they just want to finish it and it just brings disaster to him and the dead person.. No khayr!
You have to go to your home before midnight as if you don’t go to your home after teeja you have to stay there for 40 days until chaleeswaan. Oh my!
Please don’t cook anything in house  and don’t clean the house until the funeral is done. It’s wrong. Aahh!!
These are just some examples and list goes on.
Where are we heading towards?
Don’t we have to answer our Lord about every single deed.
What’s going to happen to us?



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