You sow what you reap!!


Someone very close to me from my relatives was engaged. Her engagement got broken for some reasons. That guy whom she was engaged to,  did some disgusting things so, she asked her family to break that engagement. After her engagement was broken, everyone accused her for breaking engagement. Everyone said you could marry him and change him. You are being too perfectionist, everyone has some flaws, you could have tried to adjust… blah blah. She was broken and devastated, she lost hope for sometime. Whenever I met her I asked her to have faith in Allaah subhanahu wa ta’ala. Whenever HE tests us He replaces that sadness with some amazing happiness that we can’t even think of. As days passed people started to taunt her, feel pity (in front of her), and make fun of her indirectly.

She went to her relative’s house and there her aunty made her feel sad about her engagement. You know how desi aunties are! That aunty said: Oh poor you! Everyone is getting married, when are you going to get married? Oh sorry I forgot that you are no more engaged etc. Like she was just trying to humiliate her.  She got hurt once again but she kept quiet and left. After one or two months she got a really awesome marriage proposal for her. That brother is too pious and he does dawah, ma’sha’Allah. That brother’s family asked her hand in marriage from her father with so much love and respect. They even said we don’t have any concern with her past. We just want her as our daughter-in-law. Khayr!  She is engaged again with that religious brother by the grace of Allaah, Alhumdulillah. They are going to get married in a few months, in sha Allah. May Allah put barakah in their relationship. Aameen!

But you know what happened to that aunty who insulted her? Her daughter was going to get married in February but before some days I heard that the boy(whom her daughter was engaged to) ran way with some other girl or something like that happened and her daughter’s engagement got  broken.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’oon.

Allaah Subhanahu wa ta’ala starts punishing us for our sins and shortcomings even in this world but we don’t understand at all. When we feel we are going to humiliate anyone then we must also remember that we can also be humiliated by Allah and Allah’s humiliation is greatest of All.

The lessons that I learnt from this story, are:

A) Have Tawakkal in Allah:

She put all her hope and faith in Allah. She kept quiet  and after sometime she was granted an awesome marriage  proposal that she never could have imagined.

B) Fear Allah:

That aunty did not fear Allah before insulting the girl and see what Allah did to her in return. We must fear Allah in order to save ourselves from punishments. Sometimes tests and calamities that befall upon us are due to our own sins and shortcomings.

C) Love behind punishment:

See love behind punishment. Imagine was it not a bigger disaster if that boy  would marry her daughter and cheat her and then divorce her. Allah always shows us HIS infinite love even by punishing us.

 Only if we could understand!


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