People come and go, no one stays for long. We are left alone. No one beside us. People who were once “our everything”, left us. They left us not because they wanted to leave us, but they were helpless, they had no choice. They had to choose between their priorities and us.

We miss them but can’t do anything to get them back. Even if they are back, they are not like before. Their values changed, priorities changed, life changed. Once we were their first priority and now… It becomes our heartache. It hurts like slow poison. Something that we can’t control. But… Life has to move on. We have to accept some certain realities of life even if we don’t want to accept.

New people come and replace those old ones but everyone has their individual place reserved in our hearts. No one can be removed thoroughly. We have to live happily and the saddest fact is “we live”. We become use to of this feeling because it keeps repeating on and on. We smile, we laugh, we live BUT there is something that we always feel when we smile, when we laugh, when we live.. Its a VOID inside!

In the saddest of moments, loneliest of feelings we turn back to Allaah, our LORD. Cry our heart out of no reason. This is the real time when we feel our worth, and yes the importance of GOD in our lives.


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