Something I loved!



I have listened to the echoes in my soul
And followed them profusely
But as we all know, echoes bounce around
And following them only confused me
Left in a lonely place, shadowed by my fears
watching my reflection on a shallow lake
And how it ripples away from the drops of my tears
Thoughts of many kind travel through my brain
At intense speeds
I have everything I want and yet I don’t have
What I truly need
The world is so deceiving in its display
Of abundant pleasure
But to seek those false images
Only causes immense pressure
The wars have been fought and ended
but the battle will always linger
The wounds will be self-inflicted
The hourglass will be shattered by the pull of one finger
And the time is running out
The carpet is slipping from underneath our feet
We’ve had our chance to arm ourselves with knowledge
But without it we will taste bitter defeat
I’ve listened to Your message
And I want to Obey Your word
But temptation and sorrow follow
With the force of an angry herd
The tangibles are present
And I lack close to nothing worth touching
But there’s a Void that seems apparent
And it sends my blood to my head rushing
I can’t sleep and I can’t stay up
I lie somewhere in between the two
I’m not afraid yet I don’t feel secure
But I am committed to finding You
I am Lost without You
Can You see the confusion in my stare?
I need your guidance and forgiveness
To fill the void that exists here
In the deepest part of my spirit
Can You hear it?
It calls for You!
I’m ready to make a commitment
Please fill the void that longs for You
I’m overcome by your splendid-ness and perhaps I’m not sure
How to show appreciation
But I’m asking for Your aid
To keep me from any further deviation
I want to leave behind the battered feelings
And the look of sadness will turn to joy
All the madness shall be destroyed
As soon as You fill that VOID

-Katherine Rodrigues

P.S: She penned down my thoughts just amazingly!


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