Know your self-concept

Self-concept is the image that we have of ourselves.

So ,  i am doomed if i don’t know my actual self, if i don’t know what my self concept is, and so i don’t try to even make up my self image psychology .

You know what? If you don’t know yourself , you become what people want you to be, and in doing so you completely loose yourself, you loose what was real , and you live with what is fake.

You don’t want material things, but you start to rush after them, why?  Because people want you to do that, they want you to earn more money, they want you to make a large house, they want you to travel in brand new cars, they want you to marry a rich, beautiful lady otherwise you’re just mad, they want you to live like royals. It is not you who want all this, believe me, you were not like this. Believe me you were too different when you were a child.

I handed you a gold ring, and you din’t care, and i gave you a small cheap toy, you even throw that after sometime. You were not the same. You were not greedy for material things. You are pushed  to act this way. You are pushed to be materialistic.

You did not want it, still dive in yourself and you will realize you still don’t want this materialism. But people are continuously demanding this . They are continuously pushing you to that hole you’l never be able to come out of.


Everyone of us say it’s society , it’s society, it’s their fault . But naah! They are they, societies have always been there. Materialism was always there. Money and “Honey” were mostly the reasons of your respect in society. But you! you did wrong. You allowed this all to happen. You kept doing what people wanted you to. You din’t become an outlaw to stop this all, because then you were to face criticism by them, and you were weak enough not to do so.

You eventually have lost YOU. The only solution to meet YOU back is to dive in yourself, what do you think of yourself? Why don’t you feel good? Because you don’t have money, you’re not that beautiful, you’re too fat, too thin? Why don’t you just take a long breath and say Alhumdulillah!!!!! I am beautiful, i am rich, i am all well Alhumdulillah. Allah has made me better than million others.  Because i am right now what Allah wanted me to be, i love myself .  I am how He designed me to be, i am firstly His fan and then my own.

Are you preferring people’s choice over Allah’s choice by under estimating yourself? Yes , you do.

But not now. Know yourself. Feel good whatever you are, where ever you are , feel good, feel the essence of gratitude and you will love forever yourself, your life no matter what people say. Not the presence or absence of any human, or the presence or absence of any material thing will make you sad madly, or happy stupidly. Not any unjust rejection ever will make effect to you, because you know what you’d be like? You’d just say, “they didn’t realize my worth, it’s fine. No regrets ! (y)”

The only way to a peaceful life is to make a good self concept. To realize the blessings of Allah and develop gratitude . Otherwise trust me, if you are in this wrong perception that good income, a pretty wife/husband, and few other material things will bring all joys to your life, you’re wrong , absolutely wrong. If wealth was the gate to happiness, Bill Gates should have been the happiest ever person, if lack of beauty is all what makes you sad, then why are miss world’s passing a depressed, pity  life?  They should have been happy. But they’re facing worse than you.

Never ever make yourself think that any material thing whether humans , or other things will bring peace to you. They only attract you towards themselves, and so make you loose the connection with YOU.

Think good about yourself, you are you, the only unique piece of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, there would be many with the same name, same education, and having other similarities with you, but Allah has made you different, feel good about having different blessings, having different problems. Don’t bother people’s satiric behaviors, don’t put ears to them when they speak things with what you’l become worldy . Live the way you want to live. Connect inside and disconnect outside for some time and you will eventually realize what you want, what you are.

Realize your actual self , Make a good self concept, & be Grateful to Allah is the key to happiness and the solution to all our miseries, the answer of our all why me? when ? how? what? which etc.

May Allah make your life  a satisfied and peaceful life here and hereafter in sha Allah.

Let’s reconnect with what we got disconnected.   YOU


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