What actually matters!


To be honest we all want a luxurious life full of comforts but if we just think that this time will pass, this life will end, if we just imagine about being in Jannaah and being blessed in Akhirah more than the people who we thought are so lucky to have money, comforts and luxuries in their lives, being Blessed by Jannah just because we went through a lot in Duniya then nothing will matter, no pain, no distress, no calamity. in shaa Allaah..

The more we chase Dunya, the more it makes us run after it. Run after The creator of this Duniya and trust me this Duniya will run after you. Just have faith. Just keep it in mind: This life is gonna pass no matter how luxurious or how poorly we spend it, in the end we all have to die, leave this world and start a new life that is never ending.

This life does not matter. It does not matter we had money or not, we had fame or not, we had power or not. The thing that matters is our relationship with God and our good deeds.

That’s it!


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