The Perfect Happiness.



Everyone’s life looks absolutely Perfect on social media but the FACT is that no one’s life is PERFECT. Everyone has some dark phase of life, some regrets, a few tensions, a bit sleepless nights but they all are trying to hide it on social media and trying to show only the HAPPIEST side of their life. Don’t be deceived by this. If you see something good happening in someone’s life then just don’t assume that this person is all happy, not at all. They all are just trying to hide, trying to run away or trying to have some good time on social media and feel good. No one is all happy in this world, no one can call himself Perfectly happy because this world is not meant to be perfect.

This world in nothing but PLAY and AMUSEMENT. (Quran 6:32)

(Allāh has used a total of five terms and phrases to describe to us the reality of the life of this world in the Qurʾān. Analysis of their meanings clearly reveals that indeed, the life of this world is such that it makes a believer lose focus of the Hereafter.

Consider this – games are fun to play. They cause us to get really involved in them, whether as participants, or as onlookers. The aspect of winning versus losing, or earning more points by achieving a target, enthuses the more keen ones among us to a state of physical and mental euphoria.

When anyone is involved in a game as a participant, whether he is playing outside, or playing a computer game indoors, he is distracted perhaps from more pending matters that require his attention. For some sports enthusiasts, tearing themselves away from a game to answer a call of nature, eat a meal, or pray an obligatory prayer also becomes difficult.

Now, with this picture in mind, we can see why Allāh has called the life of this world “a game.” We get so involved in the “game” itself, in its short-term goals and enjoyments, that we tend to lose focus on the importance of the Hereafter.)

(This explanation under brackets is taken from:

Only Jannah is Perfect and when we reach there, we can call ourselves Perfectly Happy.

But it does not mean we should not be grateful and complain about imperfection of this world and all the tensions, depressions we have in here, rather we should be Grateful for whatever we have because someone somewhere does not even have a portion of what you already have, so, say alhumdulillah.

Whatever we are going through is a part of life and it will be over soon, so, don’t panic and be Optimistic.

“O who you are patient, Bear a little more, just a little more remains”

Always Be a Grateful slave and a humble human being.

Keep smiling…
You worth it. 🙂



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