The Deprived Soul..!!


When you feel depressed, confused, stressed for no reason. When you feel the urge to talk to somebody but despite of having too many caring people you don’t know who to talk to and when you have someone to talk you don’t know what to say. When you feel a heavy heart and burden on your mind. When you want loneliness, sometime away from everything then KNOW that your soul is poisoned and it needs to be cleansed. Its the perfect time to correct your relationship with your Lord. Your soul gets fed up of you letting the world in too much and then it gives you signs of opposing it by the things mentioned above. Many of us are going through such phase and the reason is very simple. You were nourishing your soul with the food it needs in Ramdhan and you suddenly stopped after Ramadhan. Now your sould is deprived and wants that nourishment back. Feed it with what it needs to be fed, if not in a huge amount then at least a small amount. Its all about the matter of trying.

Its the perfect time to stop and ponder over your condition. Do your soul a favour by maintaining your relationship with God. Do astaghfar as much as you can, talk to your Rabb and do whatever it takes to cleanse your soul or else you will end up being a complete mess. Spend sometime with your only self and in that moment find serenity by finding the One who gives you serenity “Allaah”.

#Soul #Reflections


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