A Random Post.


Sometimes things does not work like we expect. Sometimes people judge us. Sometimes we become too sensitive to feel the slightest change in the behaviors of our loved ones. Sometimes we have no one to talk yet many to talk about us. Some people break us to the level that we no longer want to live. Sometimes we ask GOD, why me?

So Beautiful souls. It’s all normal. It’s LIFE. We all are going through some tests. We all are broken in different ways. We all are tested is some way or the other. In all the tough phases of your life REMEMBER that God gives test to His strongest of soldiers. So, congratulations you are strong, very strong even beyond your imagination. When in life you stuck at some point and feel that your prayers are not being answered, remember that Teacher is always silent during exam.
One thing that should keep you moving is “This time will go”, just have patience and correct your connection with God and that’s how every other relation will get corrected itself.

Its a random post for all the beautiful souls here because sometimes we just need  motivation, encouragement, a few words of hope.and some support.

That’s it!