O God forgive me when I whine…

What will make us thank Allaah SWT? No matter how happy and wealthier we are, we still have something to complain about, we still have something to acquire! Well Read what she want!


Today’s sun was cruel! There were no rays of hope today! It was just a burning ball all ready to burn every cell of her body! She knew it was her last day! Very carefully, she tried to stand up, putting hands on the wall and then on her knees and then applying full force to lift her weak body up so that she can go out and look for some food! As she tried to move, the world went dark before her and she knew she was going to fall down but she quickly grabbed the wall and stayed there for a moment until she got her vision back!

She was in this condition since almost three weeks now and was quite used to it now! She looked at her hands they were black with thin layer of flesh on it! Her heart was barely pumping, pumping air instead of blood! She started walking on the same old path looking here and there for any insect she might catch or any leaf she might find! The scorching heat of the sun was no less than a killer but she have to survive it so that she can live for one more day!

As she was moving, she remembered how she played in these lands some months ago and she was with all her family living a hard life, struggling to survive but still at least they were alive! At least she could tell her mother that she was hungry or she could play with her younger brother whenever he would cry out of hunger! She would see her father going out daily in search of food and water and everyday he would come back home at night with some handful of stuff to eat, sometimes nothing at all! But at least she was happy living with her family as she had them and can put her heavy head on their shoulders in difficult times, everyday! And now she was walking alone doing everything by own, facing nature, and finding peace for some hours!


It has been an hour now and she is still without food, even without the hope of it! The air pressure above her and the gravity below her were working together to bring her down but by the least of her energy she was dragging herself on to search even a stone to put it in her stomach! But God had something else for her! God is kind so He decided to take away all the problem and struggle from her and decided to give her a peaceful sleep!

She looked back and she was still there from where she started to walk, only a few meters away! And she fell down, collapsing on the hot earth! It hurt her but she didn’t scream because she wanted to save every bit of energy in her in order to stay alive for a minute longer! She knew now she won’t be able to stand up so she didn’t try it! Now she was laying there facing the sky in a hope that someone would see her and will bring something to eat or the sky will split into two halves and someone would come down and bring some water! As she was laying she saw a cloud! It was not for her to reach it otherwise she would have flown into it and would have taken every drop of that cloud in her mouth! But she couldn’t do it! The sun was burning her whole body but she couldn’t help it! She only wanted someone to come to her and console her in this difficult end. Its definite that she’ll die now and the suffering will end but she only wanted someone to be with her at this very moment of agony! She wanted to hold someone’s hands and die crying but there was no one!

Its time to fly! Its time of end, end of everything, every tear, every smile that she had whenever she ate some insect which kept her alive! Its end now of every scream, every cry she made out of pain. Its end of every misery, every hardship! She no longer want any food any water! She want peace, she want the end! She turned around out of agony and faced the earth as now she was dissolving in it! She buried her head down in it and let herself loose to it! She slowly closed her eyes and took her last breath and the next moment SHE WAS DEAD nothing more than to be a fossil fuel!!!


After writing this a glass of water I drank, is really a big blessing for me Let alone all the delicious food I eat daily or fancy clothes I wear or a big house I live in! I have some really complex books to waste my time on, I have cell phone to talk to my friends, I have every type of food available all the time and a cold refrigerated water to drink and I can do anything I want! Most importantly I have life at this very moment! But I never thank Allaah for all this! I always whine about things which I don’t have when I should be valuing the things which I have and thanking Allaah in real sense!

Saying Alhamdolillaah (All Praise and Thanks to Allaah SWT) is a one type of Shukr and we should be saying it for every blessing we have, but Shukr in real sense is valuing that thing which is given to us by Allaah! When we eat food, the real shukr is that we don’t waste it! When we have constant supply of water in our taps then the real shukr is that we don’t let the tap running while washing dishes! When Allaah gave us money, the real shukr is to do as much sadqah as we can and to spend it as it should be spent, thus valuing it to not to spend such that which is displeasing to Allaah! Allaah SWT gave us this whole amazing body coupled with this beautiful soul, so the shukr is to use it as Allaah wants! And certainly we are blessed with this breath we take and life we live! SubhanAllaah! So the shukr of life is to live life according to the Will of Allaah SWT which is called Ibadah (worship) and not to waste it in play and amusement!

O Allaah SWT give us tofeeq to do Shukr for everything we have and to do Sabr for anything which we don’t have! O Allaah keep us away from worldly desires and improve our lives in worship! O Allaah guide us all to the straight path of yours for verily it’s the biggest blessing of yours and then allow us to do Shukr for it, Verily you created human being weak!


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