Silent & Sincere Love


“It may not be a must but sacred and sincere love is mostly silent . It doesn’t shout out telling every next dude it’s story and doesn’t become hasty to be one with that person . True love remains silent .
Sincere people don’t spoil you. They don’t make your inside dark . They don’t show haste to make waste . They are they. The nice, delicate yet strong souls , who wait for the right time, who look for the right means . Who don’t try to resolve their story by themselves but hand over everything in the hands of a Supreme power .

You know, they keep contact too but , in a different way . In supplications at mid night with tears shedding they meet . Yes it’s the same place where they both go to . Where at late night hours forgiveness is distributed, light of heart and soul is given and the pleasure of Him above all.

There, they ask for a better dunya and a best akhirah for eachother , they ask for a lifetime happiness for each other and yes they ask :
Oh Lord! Give us each other’s companionship with khair in this dunya and with your pleasure in the hereafter.
They keep their prayer untill their Lord makes clear His decision . If they are not written to be one in this dunya , they’re given sabar to bear that pain , a noor on face and in heart and Allah showers His continuous smiles on these obedient souls who sacrifice but don’t disobey for timely pleasures of nafs.

These are those keen souls – yes in Love but , in obedient and sincere love.
They obey so they don’t loose anything , niether dunya nor akhirah”

-Noor ul Wara


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